Thursday, December 23, 2010

what's YOUR fave holiday?

from 8:

Before I tell you what my fave holiday is, 8 is me .I turned 8 on thanksgiving.

I have to say I have quite a few holidays that are really cool, but i'd have to say christmas would have to be my favorite holiday. Even that my birthday is really close to thanksgiving I still like christmas the best.I like christmas the best because for one thing you have to get into the christmas spirit.I love all the singing joyous christmas carols and warming up by the fireplace. It's just absolutely wonderful. The second thing I like abut christmas is the presents and seeing one of santa claus's helpers at the mall.And it's really cool to see all the little ones faces before they go and sit on his lap. They seem quite eager. And as I said earlier I liked the presents that the elves make. Like who dose'nt love the candy and toys?! I love just laying back on my couch and listening to the christmas music.Third and final thing I like about the winter holidays is seeing my family and friends. I get to see my dad's side of the family. Sometimes we will go to lauren's at my aunt sandy's house. But this year, we are going to greenwood. My dad's other sis, claudia lives in greenwood. We are going to their house this year for christmas.And we have a christmas eve party. We also go to liberty and have a rocking time.There is two more things that I want to say. Number one:Have a good time at jesus's 2040th birthday party. Number two:Have a merry christmas and a wonderful new year!

from 38:

First of all, how am I old enough to have an 8 year old? Secondly, if you're a fan of Jesus, how could you NOT pick Christmas as your favorite holiday? This is the holiday I sit around and wait for like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. The lead-in is almost as exciting as the actual event. The season of pondering and waiting for the mystery of Christmas to come around again is a special time of year, for sure. Can you imagine being Mary, pregnant, young, scared, wondering what in the world is happening in your life? Or Joseph, worried that his betrothed could be stoned to death or worse for becoming pregnant out of wedlock? Or one of the shepherds, mindlessly watching your sheep when a star made the night sky look like 10 am? Or say you're a Magi, whose main occupation is studying the heavens, only to discover a new, uncharted star beaming brighter than any of the others, and wondering what in the world that is all about? When you think about the whole story, and all the players that play bit parts in the mystery surrounding Christ's birth, how can that not be your favorite holiday? The older I get, the more it amazes me. I hope you and your family are surrounded and filled with your own amazement at this wonderous time of year.

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