Thursday, December 23, 2010

what's YOUR fave holiday?

from 8:

Before I tell you what my fave holiday is, 8 is me .I turned 8 on thanksgiving.

I have to say I have quite a few holidays that are really cool, but i'd have to say christmas would have to be my favorite holiday. Even that my birthday is really close to thanksgiving I still like christmas the best.I like christmas the best because for one thing you have to get into the christmas spirit.I love all the singing joyous christmas carols and warming up by the fireplace. It's just absolutely wonderful. The second thing I like abut christmas is the presents and seeing one of santa claus's helpers at the mall.And it's really cool to see all the little ones faces before they go and sit on his lap. They seem quite eager. And as I said earlier I liked the presents that the elves make. Like who dose'nt love the candy and toys?! I love just laying back on my couch and listening to the christmas music.Third and final thing I like about the winter holidays is seeing my family and friends. I get to see my dad's side of the family. Sometimes we will go to lauren's at my aunt sandy's house. But this year, we are going to greenwood. My dad's other sis, claudia lives in greenwood. We are going to their house this year for christmas.And we have a christmas eve party. We also go to liberty and have a rocking time.There is two more things that I want to say. Number one:Have a good time at jesus's 2040th birthday party. Number two:Have a merry christmas and a wonderful new year!

from 38:

First of all, how am I old enough to have an 8 year old? Secondly, if you're a fan of Jesus, how could you NOT pick Christmas as your favorite holiday? This is the holiday I sit around and wait for like fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. The lead-in is almost as exciting as the actual event. The season of pondering and waiting for the mystery of Christmas to come around again is a special time of year, for sure. Can you imagine being Mary, pregnant, young, scared, wondering what in the world is happening in your life? Or Joseph, worried that his betrothed could be stoned to death or worse for becoming pregnant out of wedlock? Or one of the shepherds, mindlessly watching your sheep when a star made the night sky look like 10 am? Or say you're a Magi, whose main occupation is studying the heavens, only to discover a new, uncharted star beaming brighter than any of the others, and wondering what in the world that is all about? When you think about the whole story, and all the players that play bit parts in the mystery surrounding Christ's birth, how can that not be your favorite holiday? The older I get, the more it amazes me. I hope you and your family are surrounded and filled with your own amazement at this wonderous time of year.

Monday, August 30, 2010

what's your superpower?

from 7:
My ideal superpower would be…... invisibility and flight. I would like 2 to have invisibility because on the playground I could be very quiet and sneak up on my friends and tickle them and they’ll always wonder what it is. Because I’ll never tell them it was me. And if I had flight I could say that I’m bus rider, but I’ll really just go outside after all the buses have left and then I will just take off.

from 37:
So, time’s up. I’ve got one day left to call myself 37. Tomorrow, my birthday’s gonna blow our cute little blog name to bits. Fills me with regret that I didn’t spend enough time on said cute little blog while it had such a cute little name. Alas, tomorrow, we’ll be effectively 7 & 38, and for that I am certainly glad, because that means I am here, spending one more day on Earth with my family and the rest of you people. So, when the panic began to set in that our blog title was nearing its expiration date, I began mulling my and Young 7’s options, and here’s what I decided (‘cuz I am the decider):we’ll leave the link the same (,even leave the title the same, and just change the numerals before our entries as we grow older. Hopefully, allowing the blog to grow old along with us will keep both 7 and me interested in plodding along with this little experiment of ours, until 7 turns 13 and then, well….cross your fingers. So, that’s it for the housekeeping portion of the blogpost, now on with the show.

I was falling asleep last night when I started thinking about superpowers. If I could pick a superpower, I think I would want super-long, stretchy arms, like Elastigirl from The Incredibles. They would come in handy in many situations, not the least of which would be getting your kid a glass of water in the middle of the night. Many parents will encounter this same request from their beloved offspring, whom they would, under normal circumstances, give their left lung for, unless they happen to be peacefully sleeping and are SECONDS away from winning the big prize on Supermarket Sweep, summarily freeing them forever from the living HELL that is weekly grocery shopping. So, it is to add insult to injury to be awakened to find that, not only have your hopes of living a life without coupon clipping been DASHED, but also to realize that, you have to STAND UP. (This act is more difficult for some. I am that some.) Oh, what I wouldn’t give for just once to stay lying down, and effectively shoot my arm into the bathroom to grab a cup, fill ‘er up, and then make it travel swiftly down the hall to poor Dehydrated Danny. Here ya go, Danny. Now, go back to sleep and let Elastimom win us a lifetime supply of V8 Splash.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Tooth

from 7777777

I have a big tooth( this part is for joy:)...... tell megan that on our next playdate she might be able to see big tooth).A big tooth is a tooth that you are getting ready to is down to the c in inch on a ruler. it is down to the 2nd
m in will propably be my first tooth to loose. it is so loose i can move it with my tounge.when i was little i was running away from my friend megan i ran into a bench and big tooth got bent back. but, a few years after that,i started kindergarten and in PE i ran into garrett and then that's when big tooth came back to the same place it used to be. and now since big tooth is so wiggly it is really close to my lip.

from 373737373737373737373737373737373737373737373737373737373737

Okay, so I've heard the phrase "long in the tooth" before, but I've NEVER seen anything like 7's Big Tooth. Even though she refers to it as such, Big Tooth has not always been Big. It was just an ordinary front tooth like the one beside him. But lately, ordinary tooth has morphed into Something Scary. It's like the wigglier he gets, the Bigger he gets, and the more he starts to develop his own identity. 7's even created a special face that she makes when she's playing the role of Mr. Big Tooth, and it cracks me right up. The sentence "Let's watch the Wizard of Oz" is nothing comical until it's said in Big Tooth Voice. Her face goes all sideways, and Big Tooth just pokes out there like he's the one who's doing the talking. It's creepy and hilarious. Big Tooth won't be with us long. Pretty soon, he's going to leap right out of that 7 year old mouth. This is my first experience with a child having lost a tooth, Big or not, and it's a little scary. I've warned 7 that There Will Be Blood, and, for the most part, she's cool with that. The panic for the current evening, however, involves Big Tooth's possible departure during sleep, which you would think would incite panic over the thought of swallowing one's tooth, but for 7, this fear is directly related to her losing her payout from the Tooth Fairy. I've promised her that, no matter where Big Tooth ends up, the Tooth Fairy will be promptly notified so that her winnings can be relayed in a hasty manner. She seems sorta okay with that, too.

Our questions to you tonight, dear followers, are thus:

Did YOU ever have a Big Tooth?
Do you have a Big Tooth NOW? (from 7: ms joy may you please ask megan that question? thank you.)
What are your memories revolving around your first wiggly tooth?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


from 7:

starwars is BEST movie ever. I have 2 favorite charecters,Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker.Yoda sounds funny. I told 37 that "Yoda sounds like Grover." and then dad said that "that was a very strong observation"and then 37 said "you're right Gracie. Yoda and Grover are the same pepole.Yoda and Grover have the same person spoken for their voice." Princess Leia kissed Honsolo and Luke both on the movie time I started breathing like darthvator.

from 37:

Okay, okay, geeks, hold your fire, and don't go bustin' 7's chops just because she gets a bit of the plot of star wars mixed up with the empire strikes back. She is but a young jedi and with enough (read: hundreds more) viewings, she, too, will be able to differentiate between the six sagas. Let's just for now be impressed that she referred to the leia smooch-a-thon scene as heralding from episode FIVE. (I won't tell you WHO referred to it as episode TWO just the week prior, yeah, it was totally me.) So, anyhow this whole love-of-all-things Galaxy Far Far Away started about two weeks ago, when we decided it was high time to indoctrinate 7 and her younger brother into the world of droids and space dudes. Scott and I decided to start the viewing in the order in which nature and George Lucas intended: beginning with Princess Bun Head. Seeing this movie was a pivotal point in MY life, when my dad took me to a "grown up" movie for the very first time. I felt like the coolest kid in the world. And Princess Leia....whooo....she was a VISION in her flowy, hooded white gown, and her dewy coral lip gloss, and that moon and stars....the HAIR!! Those buns would be something we young lasses would not only covet in the late 70s, but attempt to recreate again and again and again, usually, to no avail, even with maternal involvement. It's no wonder so many of us fell for her, and why 7 is falling for her now. Next week, we'll have a viewing of Episode SIX, where 7 will learn, and undoubtedly be grossed out by, the fact that the previously ne'er do wrong Princess has been smooching on her BROTHER. Ewwww!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

let's dance!

from 7:

okay i was just at dance class,and i saw one of my BEST friends named olivia. in dance class me and olivia were so silly! and after dance class, we got (two) starburst(s). and we ate both of them before our mom's were even there to pick us up! and i usally get picked up after olivia, but this time, olivia got picked up after me!

from 37:

There wasn't much in the way of dance studios where I grew up in Tinytown, USA, but my mom managed to find me a place to get my tap, ballet, jazz on. Tammy's School of Dance it was called, and let me just say Tammy had a lot of other things going on in her life besides dance back in 1982. I remember specifically a time when all of us sat lined up against the wall, decked out in our leotards and legwarmers, most of us rocking side ponies, waiting for class to begin. Tammy was sitting opposite us, against the mirrors. Her mascara was all smeared. She wasn't talking, just sitting, and I'm not sure whether she even knew she had 15 young girls in the room with her. I remember we were whispering to each other; I think something in Tammy's face triggered our fight or flight responses, and we were just waiting to figure out which one we should use. I can't remember who started the yelling, but I remember it was loud, and it was maybe the first time I'd ever heard a grown-up yell in my life, outside of a football game. But before I knew it, it was a full-on scream-fest. Half of the yelling came from somewhere off-stage, from a deep voice that we quickly learned was her soon-to-be-ex-husband. The whole thing was very other-worldly, Tammy and her almost-ex yelling at each other like that. I wish I would have known then what I know now, so I could tell Tammy that nobody deserves to be yelled at like that, and that people who yell aren't really the sorts of folks you need to be palling around with anyhow. But we all just sat there, side-ponied, prepubescent wanna-be dancers, waiting for class to start and wanting our teacher to stop screaming and for that mean guy to magically hush. That's the only time I can distinctly remember Tammy and her almost-ex yelling, but I could be blocking out the other times. Regardless: not exacly the year I mastered my shimmie OR my chasse.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ice skating ( with megan for 7)

from 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777:

a few days ago, i went ice skating with my bestest friend ever named megan. and when it was time for them to clean the ice, (well it was my first time ice skating so megan's mom helped me get off the ice when it was time,) megan was coming to help me skate too. and she was at the end of the ( ice skating) rink,she was ice skating the wrong way. one time i almost went to the middle. then i told ms joy ( megan's mom) that i was cold and thirsty. and she said well why don't i buy you and megan some hot cocoa. and i said ok. and after that, we went back into the ice skating room, and ice skated some more. it was a FUN day. P.S. ME AND MEGAN.... BFFAEAE'S. ( AEAE stands for and ever and ever)

from 33333333333777777777777777733333333333333333333337777777777777333377777777:

You would think since I agreed that we would write on this topic, that I would have at least some small witty anecdote about ice skating to make my part interesting. But I got bupkis. Tonight's topic selection was a) 7's idea, and 2) basically a vehicle for 7 to tell y'all about her first exciting trip to the rink, courtesy of her aforementioned BFFAEAE, Megan. Now, MEGAN'S mom could tell you an ice skating story. She was championship Ice Princess skater grrl where she grew up in Coldsvile, Northdy North, USA. She could probably spin (punny!) a fabulous yarn about her days on the rink. Me? I vaguely remember something about a run-down ice rink in the middle of a mall somewhere near Charlotte when I was in high school. I remember being not good, and somewhat frightened of the whole bit. It wasn't the ice skating itself that was frightening, it was more because of the creepy dudes who hung out there. Maybe that's why I never became the Ice Princess of My Hometown. Either that, or it's because we haven't seen snow since the 70s, and the only thing we've got in the middle of our mall is a carousel. Maybe there's still time for me to become Little Miss Merry-Go-Round. Who knows? It's 2010. Bring it!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holly Gollolly!

from 7 & 37:

7 got this great idea (a few weeks ago, but 37 can't possibly keep up with all of her whims) to mail all our beloved followers Christmas cards to say thank you for being, well...beloved followers! So then, I thought (I have whims of my own, you know), that it would be more appropriate to send you Digital Holiday Greetings, because a) that's the manner to which you have become accustomed to receiving greetings from us in, and 2) we're out of stamps.

So, to all our followers, new and old (we're up to exciting is that?), and to those of you who follow us, but haven't figured out how to say so publicly (Mom and Trudy), MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR! You guys are awesome, and every single comment, whether by blog, by email or by phone call, we appreciate you. Y'all keep us motivated!

Wishing you all the happiness that a brand new year brings!

With love,
7 & 37