Sunday, December 6, 2009

At festivce

from 7

when we went to festivce,we went to a parade.1st we saw the king and queen of festivce,then we saw some skateboarder dudes that went over a ramp,and then we saw the 1 and only Santa claus and ms claus!the best part is Santa threw out candy.


from thirty seven

Parades always make me a little nervous, because I'm always afraid a clown is going to show up. Just writing the word "clown" gives me the heebies. Seven's no different. Whether she's taken her cues from me, or it's pure genetics, this Dynamic Duo is NOT a fan of people in creepy make-up. So, it was with more than a little trepidation that I packed up the kids and the husband and headed downtown, but, hey, sacrifices must be made for something such as inspiring as the season of Festivus and its subsequent Parade. Actually, the parade was about 12 minutes worthof dudes on skateboards, people on bicycles, The Grinch, the Festivus King and Queen, and Santa and his much-younger-looking Missus. But it was a hoot and a half anyway, and we did get some candy canes and Now & Laters thrown our way. That was exciting. And then we got to go eat Fish Tacos and Fried Pickles with our friends, Amy and Gina. Don't knock the fried pickles until you've had one of these delicacies dunked into Ranch dressing, friends. It is a gastro-pleasure of the highest order, which is as exciting as the Festivus Feats of Strength Themselves. Unfortunately, we were unable to participate in either those OR the Airing of Grievances portion of Festivus, as that section was cordoned off to those getting their drink on, and 7 wasn't really into that, if you can imagine. So, we basically trucked downtown to see a 12 minute parade and eat dinner, but we left happy, with our stomachs full, our pockets full of sugar, and glad to have spent the evening among friends other than those who get their paychecks from the Disney Channel...even if stepping out of our comfy chairs for the night meant risking a run-in with freakish clown types. Someone should really get those dudes their own island.


  1. The pickles were delicious! I especially enjoyed the company of the World's Cutest Kids.

  2. Hey, Jan put this on my "Favorites", so I could catch up. Unk doesn't read them - I just tell him about the content. Love it! 'Leta